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Hagstrom Super Swede LTD 30 of 30 Made in Sweden Cosmic Black Burst

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Hagstrom Super Swede LTD 2020 Made in Sweden Cosmic Black Burst 

Tone Lovers os ofrecemos una pieza muy exclusiva La 30/30 La Número 30 de 30 
Ya vendimos aquí la 1/30 
Y esta es la última fabricada 
Pieza de super colección !!! 

30 Guitarras fabricadas para todo el Mundo 
Y esta es la 30 de 30 
Super Swede LTD Made in Sweden
2 piezas de Caoba Africana de Gabón
Tapa de 3⁄4 de pulgada de arce flameado AAA Acabado el poliuretano gloss extrafino
Mástil de Kaya Africana con perfil ``D ́ ́
Alma H-Expander
Clavijeros Schaller 18:1 M6 de bloqueo con palomillas Hagtrom originales y acabado Ruthenium Gold
Diapasón Resinator con escala 25,5” Inlays perlados rectangulares
22 trastes medium jumbo y radio 15” Cejuela Tusq de grafito de 43mm
Including Hagstrom Hardcase
SSWLTDS-CBB Electrónica Lundgren AlNiCo-2 Heaven 57 Humbucker en mástil Lundgren AlNiCo-5 Suckerbucker Humbucker en mástil Selector de pastilla toggle de 3 posiciones
2 controles de volumen
2 controles de tono con Split coil
Botones Schaller Dome con logo Hagstrom grabado a laser 

Introducing the Hagstrom Super Swede Limited Edition in Cosmic Black Burst. Made in Sweden for the first time in nearly 40 years, this guitar is one The 30 of 30 of a very small batch of 30 ever made. 

Each has been painstakingly built to the tightest of tolerances, using the finest hardware and tone woods. 

This is truly a boutique instrument, which also stands as the first step in a return to Swedish production for this hallowed Swedish guitar brand. 

Supplied in a deluxe hard case.


For many years Hagstrom fans have been calling for the brand to return to its roots of Swedish production. 

Finally, in 2020, Hagstrom is heeding the call, and what better guitar to do it with than the flagship Super Swede! 

First introduced to the Hagstrom range in 1978, this historic model is being produced as a limited edition of thirty pieces worldwide.

This limited-edition instrument is meticulously built using premium African Mahogany for the 25.5” scale neck and body, married together using a Mortise and Tenon joint. 

The body is capped with the highest graded 3⁄4” flame maple. To top off this combination, the instrument is presented in one of the most popular Hagstrom finishes, “Cosmic Black Burst”. 

The guitar is numbered 30/30 and documented to commemorate this important first step in repatriated Swedish production.


For the pickups, Hagstrom have joined forces with Johan Lundgren of Swedish Lundgren pickups. 

The Limited Edition Hagstrom Super Swede features a perfectly matched pair of Lundgren’s hand-built pickups. 

The Super Swede, with its long sustain and powerful tone, is perfectly matched with Lundgren’s Alnico 5 splittable “Suckerbucker” in the bridge position. The tone can be best described as “tight” and “lively”, literally “sucking” every last vibration from the instrument. 

Lead players could find themselves lengthening their solos, as the output of this “medium plus” bridge humbucker sings to bring out the guitar’s full potential.

In order to provide a balanced marriage with the “Suckerbucker” and provide extra versatility, Lundgren’s splittable “Heaven 57” was chosen for the neck pickup adding “vintage breath” and delivering a sensational and harmonic clarity. 

Players will have the best of both worlds using this perfect calibrated set of Lundgren pickups, which will guarantee a wide grin on the face of any player.


Hagstrom have also teamed up with Schaller Germany, one of the company’s earliest historical suppliers. 

This collaboration has resulted in a customised Schaller STM bridge together with a customised set of Schaller’s rear-locking M6 tuners, all presented with a special mix of Schaller’s Ruthenium with Gold trim finish. 

Each hardware piece has been carefully designed as a detailed ornament. 

Playability, tone and response are assured with this fantastic combination of hardware, bringing out the instrument’s best. As the icing on the cake, specially inscribed Schaller knobs with the discernible Hagstrom “H” are used for the two independent volume and push/pull tone controls.

Before shipping from Sweden each of these very special guitars receives several hours of refinement for perfect playing performance. 

The instrument frets and fretboards are also specially scanned and treated using the latest “Plek” technology, and any necessary fret adjustments are made with 1/1000 millimeter accuracy. 

The specially-customised “Hagstrom Plek” fret radius results in frets with a slight compound radius for comfortable and even playing from the first to last fret.

The Limited Edition Hagstrom Super Swede is listed at a very attractive price considering the time, materials, and expertise which have gone into it.


BODY: African Mahogany body with 3/4” Flamed Maple Top
NECK: African Mahogany Set Neck
TRUSSROD: H-Expander
TUNING KEYS: Schaller M6
SCALE LENGTH: 25,5" / 648 mm
BRIDGE PICKUP: Lundgren Alnico 5 splittable “Suckerbucker”
NECK PICKUP: Lundgren splittable “Heaven 57” Humbucker
PICKUP SELECTOR: 3-Way Toggle Switch
BRIDGE: Customised Schaller STM bridge
CONTROLS: 2 x Volume, 2 x push/pull tone
CASE: Includes deluxe hard case

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